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Doubles Golf Gives Amateurs Opportunity to Stay Competitive in a More Relaxing Way

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A new, less stressful approach to golf in both recreational and competitive play is giving golfers the opportunity to team up for national competition. 
Doubles Golf® is the first format in the history of golf created in the United States. 
It can be played by any two players, who team up and play a two-player scramble over nine holes. Teams consist of men, women, juniors, seniors, or any combination of those groups competing at golf courses led by PGA Professionals. 
The Doubles Golf® scoring app allowed for the registration for all Doubles Golf® teams and allows these teams to be able to post their nine-hole rounds to see where they rank at their home course, statewide and nationwide. 
For those pairings that have a league at their home course, they are eligible to qualify for the 2021 US Doubles Golf® AM Championships. 
Doubles Golf® launched in 2020 and held the inaugural U.S. Doubles Golf Am Championship at Co-Founder Jack Nicklaus’ Bear’s Club in Jupiter, Florida, where 23 Men's, Women's, Mixed & Senior teams represented seven PGA Sections.
Check out the Doubles Golf® FAQ page to learn how you can register today.
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