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Your Most Important Piece of Equipment: Your Body

By Lori Van Sickle
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If I asked you, "What is the most important piece of equipment you own for your golf game?" what would you say? Would it be your new Callaway driver with a stiff graphite shaft (costing over $350) or possibly your Ping putter that you describe as a one-putt putter? Many of you would respond with a piece of high-tech equipment.
I would suggest that your most important piece of equipment is your body
Top PGA Tour players are in prime physical shape. They are investing a great deal of time on their physical conditioning. Many are putting in as much time in the gym as they do on the practice range. The new breed of tour player is focused on total body conditioning. Both the LPGA Tour and PGA Tour have fitness trailers that travel to each tour stop. The days of overweight and out-of-shape players are diminishing and making way for toned, athletic body types. The most competitive players in the world have come to realize that their body is their most important asset.
Find a golf-specific fitness program
Many golf clubs have joined with physical therapy and physical fitness organizations to develop a golf-specific fitness program designed for the individual golfer. We believe that total body fitness can benefit any golfer at any age. So this season, invest in your most important piece of equipment -- your golf body!
Try this strengthening exercise
It uses a physio ball and the golf gym. The golf gym is a strong rubber band that has a golf grip attached at the end. Sitting on the physio ball forces the contraction of the core muscles.
While sitting on the physio ball, the golf gym rubber band is secured in a doorway. Pull the golf gym rubber band into your chest with the arms, then make a twisting motion, slowly release the rubber band and repeat on the other side. I recommend three sets of 15 reps. The rubber band and the resistance will increase strength, while the twisting motion of the upper body will enhance flexibility.