Golf 101: Spring Session

Golf 101 is a 6-week beginner adult program, offering essential fundamentals for a strong start in golf. Each week, your coach guides you through putting, chipping, pitching, irons, and driver/woods. The final week culminates in a 9-hole round with your coach. With only six players per session, it's not just a lesson; it's a social experience. Meet and connect with fellow beginners, making new golfing friends as you embark on this exciting journey together.

What’s included with the program:
  • Comprehensive coaching & instruction - Receive in-depth coaching covering all aspects of the game, including putting, chipping, pitching, irons, and driver/woods.

  • Six 90-minute sessions - Engage in a structured 6-week program for gradual skill development and consistent improvement.

  • On-Course Experience - Cap off your Golf 101 journey with an exhilarating on-course experience. In the final week, you'll be divided into two 3-person teams, each aiming to outplay the pro—all while the pro competes individually. It's a unique challenge where camaraderie meets competition, providing a memorable and enjoyable test of your newfound golfing skills.

  • Small group setting - Enjoy personalized attention with a limited group of six participants, fostering a supportive and interactive learning environment.

  • 24/7 support through the PGA Coach app - Access assistance anytime through our app chat feature. Get your questions clarified and receive guidance as you enhance your game—support is just a message away.

  • Equipment guidance - Receive advice on selecting and using golf equipment, ensuring you have the right tools to succeed on the course.

  • Skill building Drills - Engage in effective drills tailored to enhance your putting, chipping, pitching, iron play, and driving skills.

  • Basic rules & etiquette - Acquire essential rules and etiquette knowledge to feel at ease on the golf course, empowering you to play more confidently and enjoy the game to the fullest.

Beginner Friendly
On course
Alcohol OK

Event Details

Starts on Fri, May 10 • 11:45 AM - 1:15 PM (PDT)

6 sessions

Fri, May 10 • 11:45 AM - 1:15 PM (PDT)

Fri, May 17 • 11:45 AM - 1:15 PM (PDT)

Fri, May 24 • 11:45 AM - 1:15 PM (PDT)

Fri, May 31 • 11:45 AM - 1:15 PM (PDT)

Fri, Jun 7 • 11:45 AM - 1:15 PM (PDT)

Fri, Jun 14 • 4:45 PM - 7:45 PM (PDT)

Registration closes on Friday, May 36:45 PM

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Event date

Starts Fri, May 10

11:45 AM - 1:15 PM (PDT)

6 sessions



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The Creek at Qualchan

Spokane, WA

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5 spots remaining