Putting Evaluation using HackMotion

One-on-One Coaching - Improve your putting in 30 minutes!

Have you ever heard the highly popular golf tip, “keep the wrists out of it when putting?”

I’ll have to admit; the advice isn’t all that bad; excess wrist motion in putting is, without a doubt, a problem. However, there is no way to leave the wrists out of your putting stroke. Your wrists are going to move.

You can learn to move your wrists correctly and become a more consistent putter because of it. With over 1,000,000 swings and putting strokes analyzed, HackMotion™ has learned what the best players do in their putting strokes and how you can become a better player by improving your wrist action in putting.

Wrist Action in Putting – Key Takeaways

  • Wrist motion in the putting stroke will impact the face and the putter’s path.

  • More important than finding the perfect angle of your wrist position is to ensure that you are consistent and following patterns.

  • Many golfers try to decrease or eliminate wrist motion in the putting stroke, but this is not necessarily the best method; the wrists will move. Learning the best ways to move both the lead and trail wrist is important.

  • HackMotion™ can be used to establish a baseline for your putting stroke and then to check on consistency and stability at impact.

This is a 30-minute coaching experience using HackMotion™. After we have properly analyzed your golf putting stroke (10-15 minutes) and you want to make some changes, we can use the HackMotion™ wrist stability mode for further practice and development.

For wrist stability:

  • Record your data by taking 10 putts in a row and see if your misses are right or left of the cup.

  • Take a look at the direction you are moving your putter face to cause the push or the pull.

  • Choose a suggested range within the HackMotion™ Wrist Stability mode that could help bring your putter closer to being on the right track.

  • Regardless of how you grip the club and set up, the range is what matters, and the change from address position to top of backstroke to impact is all that is measured.One-on-One


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