Best (and worst) trick shots of 2015

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Best (and worst) trick shots of 2015

Golf trick shots are so impressive when done correctly. But, to be honest, they're still entertaining when they don't. Here are some of our favorite trick shot attempts from this year, both of the awesome and not-so-awesome variety:

Jason Day 1, Drone 0

As a promotion for its new adipower Boost golf shoes, adidas brought Jason Day to a driving range where they tried to get the Aussie to hit material from the shoe that was suspended below a flying drone.

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Day just missed his intended target, which as you'll see, was bad news for the drone.

Two-man trick shot goes painfully wrong

The idea seemed awesome at the time -- have one guy hit a shot from the bunker and the second pick it cleanly out of midair and drive it into the fairway.

That's all well and good, except hilarity ensues (for everyone but the second guy) when the first shot is hit just a touch on the thin side -- as in a line drive.

Caleb Watson's first trick shot

Bubba Watson's son emulates his daddy here with perfect execution of the "balancing golf balls" trick, hitting the one underneath first, then picking off the second one.

What's even better is him announcing beforehand, and then taking off somewhere once he's accomplished it successfully.

And a pink driver? Like father, like son.

Bubba Watson's baseball golf swing ends in disaster 

For as well as Caleb's golf trick went exactly as planned, his father's attempt to hit a tossed golf ball with a right-handed driver? Not so good.

Particularly when you find out it was wife Angie's driver that he happened to break in two.

Candy is dandy for Brittany Lincicome 

Here's a new take on the classic "balancing ball" trick. Instead of a second golf ball, Brittany Lincicome sets a piece of candy there as added motivation to hit the shot.

Pop up the candy, catch it in your mouth! Either a good way to improve your ball-striking skills without having to resort to a sugar-free diet.

Pinehurst professional hits the best kind of three-putt

PGA Professional Kelly Mitchum, one of the lead instructors at the Pinehurst Golf Academy and a four-time PGA Championship participant, showed off his putt-reading skills this year with a mind-blowing video.

In it, he hits three balls at different angles and speeds. And you can guess what happens.

Afraid of heights? Don't watch this one

Golf ball juggling? Ho hum. How about golf ball juggling atop a boulder wedged in a mountain crevasse positioned 3,245 feet above the ocean?

We knew that would get your attention. Iceland's Sigurdur Hauksson performed this trick shot on Kjeragbolten boulder -- a glacial deposit wedged in a crevasse -- at Kjerag mountain in Rogaland, Norway, a popular spot for BASE jumping.

Kid holes over-the-shoulder flip

Anchoring the putter? That's a no-no in 2016. But using the putter to flip the ball up and over your shoulder?

Californian Julian Jax shows us how it's done.

Mathias Schjoelberg, Part I

Former Arizona State University golfer Mathias Schjoelberg pulled off a trick shot this year that we've seen soccer players do. But with a golf ball? That's a lot more impressive.

Watch as he pops the ball up in the air, catches it on the back of his neck between his shoulder blades, then drops it back down and gives it a whack.

Mathias Schjoelberg, Part II

Phil Mickelson may be the king of flop shots, but this effort by Mathias Schjoelberg is one-of-a-kind.

He opens the club face to a ridiculous angle, then hits the ball back over his left shoulder to a teammate who catches it in mid-air. 

Rory McIlroy joins Bryan Bros. 

It wouldn't be a best-of trick shot compilation piece without the Bryan Brothers. In this case, they team up with Rory McIlroy at Whistling Straits -- just before he injured himself playing pickup soccer -- to show off their stuff.

Bryan Bros. accidentally tip a kayak 

We don't usually get to see the outtakes and bloopers, but the Bryan Brothers had a great one this year.

The premise was simple -- hit a shot into the middle of the lake where it's caught by someone sitting in a kayak wearing a baseball mitt. Well, there's a reason why you're told never to stand up in a rowboat, as things suddenly go from bad to worse.