John Daly, Andrew 'Beef' Johnston host hilarious Q&A show on Periscope

By Dan McDonald
Published on
John Daly, Andrew 'Beef' Johnston host hilarious Q&A show on Periscope

What do you get when you combine John Daly, Andrew "Beef" Johnston, some adult beverages and a camera phone to broadcast out to the world to take questions from the people of Periscope?

"The Meat and Beef Show."

If this sounds like one of the greatest ideas for a show ever, you're sure to enjoy this.

They discuss everything from their golf games and their favorite moments on the course to the best breakfast foods (Daly apparently makes some mean pancakes and bacon) and what their favorite cut of meat is.

Masters picks? Daly picked Rory to complete the career grand slam. Beef is going with Rickie Fowler to get his first green jacket and his dark horse pick of Tommy Fleetwood.

The video that inspired this show was of John Daly trying to teach Beef how to say "Arby's" correctly (read: with an American accent). 



To which Arby's responded with a hilarious tweet of their own.



There are plenty of hilarious moments in this video. Fair warning: There is some adult content in here, but it's worth a watch if you're a fan of these guys.




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