A Quick Nine: Which golfer would make the best president?

By T.J. Auclair, Interactive Producer
Published on

We decided to have a little fun here at for Election Day. On Tuesday, we asked our friends in Facebook Nation: If all professional golfers (past and present) were running for President, who would get your vote and why?

As usual, you all delivered. We received hundreds of nominations and the results are in... It's a draw!

Take a look at some of the best answers we received below and you'll understand why this was a deadlock.

9. Jason Dufner. I was a little surprised when I saw Dufner's name on this list... until I read Facebook friend Brett Kaehne's explanation. Now it makes perfect sense.

Facebook fan quote:

"Jason Dufner, best negotiating face ever." -- Brett Kaehne

8. Fred Couples. Something tells me if Fred Couples were president, we wouldn't have a whole lot to worry about. Everyone wants to be Fred Couples. He's that cool.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Freddy Couples. Because if he was president everything would be run as smooth as his swing and suits would be traded in the White House for slacks comfortable shirts and loafers!" -- Eric Newill

"Freddy Couples, he's just a smooth awesome guy!" -- Tony Miller

7. Phil Mickelson. Take about a man of the people. Have you ever seem Mickelson in person at a golf tournament? His interaction with the fans is second to none. He works the crowd like a politician!

Facebook fan quotes:

"Does this really need to have an answer? Mickelson would be the best President. He's fair, honest, humble, caring. Now don't go making me send him a letter, begging him to become our next President." -- Lyn Hall

"Phil Mickelson and his caddy Bones. They stick together. Whether they make the right or wrong decision they still can share a laugh at the end of the day!" -- Edward Byczek

"Mickelson for sure because Mickelson is my maiden name... gotta go with Phil!" -- Cheryl Thornton

"Phil Mickelson -- he's fair-minded, can keep his cool, and has family values!" -- Tina Johnson Baker

6. Tom Watson. A five-time winner of the British Open, it's safe to say Watson's strong-suit would be foreign relations.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Tom Watson. Class from top to bottom." -- Eric Walker

"Tom Watson, always a class act! And, a straight shooter!" -- Gary Lazetera

5. Ben Hogan. A straight-shooter -- on and off the golf course -- Mr. Hogan wouldn't mess around. He'd get things done.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Hogan... He'd tell it to ya straight. Conservative-minded and he'd work hard to get stuff done!" -- Anthony Malafronte

"Hogan. A hard worker from humble beginnings." -- Greyson Flowers

"Ben Hogan. He didn't talk much and when he did, people listened. He worked hard and it showed with victories. He led by example. It wasn't what he said he would do, it was what he did. He's a legend and his values and work ethic have stood the test of time. He is someone that I will learn from and respect until I play my last round." -- Patrick Bowman

4. Payne Stewart. A two-time U.S. Open Champion and a man who lived for representing his country in the Ryder Cup, the late Payne Stewart would be a great choice.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Payne Stewart for President because he never gave up. Won the hearts of many before and after his tragic end. He would have been a leader with integrity and commitment for all. Not to mention the best Presidential Golfer." -- Paul MacLellan

"Payne Stewart for his statesmanship." -- Denny Axon

"Payne Stewart was a class act! Still get tears in my eyes and a limp in my throat when I think about him!" -- Leslie Lloyd Renz

"I would have voted for Payne Stewart, a true gentleman of the game, fierce competitor, good family man, and how great would out president look wearing those traditional knickers outfits, in RED, WHITE AND BLUE!" -- Warren Kenney

3. Bobby Jones. The greatest amateur player of all time and an incredibly intelligent man to boot.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Bobby Jones. Knows what it took to win, and was willing to sacrifice anything to do. Oh yeah and he blessed us with Augusta National!" -- Jonathan Bebeau

"Bobby Jones... intelligent enough to practice law and had the integrity and values that make golf great. A family man and a true gentleman. Perfect for the job!" -- Brian McCormack

"Bobby Jones... Harvard grad... law degree... and smart enough to know better than to try to make a living at that time to be a golf pro for life. Why couldn't I have been that smart?" -- Jim Callahan

"Bobby Jones. He was all about integrity. He was not about money, greed, and was honest." -- Jeff Kline

"Bobby Jones without a doubt. An attorney who understood the law and a true honest gentleman to boot. Byron Nelson as his VP." -- Sean Claycamp

T1. Arnold Palmer. Although, I'm not sure why he'd want to be president when he's already the King.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Arnold Palmer. Kind, charismatic and very good with people." -- Jeremy Dunfee

"Arnold Palmer! A little bit of love, a little bit of stubbornness, and a whole lot of class, passion, and care! He is already the grandfather of all of the golf fans out there!" -- Will Fredricksen

"Arnold Palmer -- He has the skill of a successful businessman and the temperament of an effective ambassador." -- Clay Wardrop

"Arnold Palmer. By a landslide. Military service, professional, and integrity what this country really needs." -- Dave Walbeck

"Arnold Palmer, hands down. He has always been caring, giving and a true gentleman. He IS an ambassador not only to the game, but to the world!" -- Randy Harrill

"Arnold -- a man of integrity and common sense." -- Walt Goshert

"Arnold Palmer! That man already knows how to lead an army!" -- Jennifer Foulkes Myers

T1. Jack Nicklaus. The greatest to ever play the game and beloved all over the world. When you win big as often as Nicklaus did, you'd have to believe he'd be a great leader.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Jack Nicklaus. He's the Golden Bear and he's just a great man that is for all the people and would really work for us in his best way. His VP would be his son Jackie, so that's my view." -- Eric Tyler Mullins

"Jack Nicklaus because of his leadership, dedication and love for the game, and being the best ambassador the sport has ever seen. It's not even close!" -- Frankie Cacioppo

"The Golden Bear, Jack Nicklaus. He's a businessman. An athlete. A scholar. A true leader!" -- David Novotny

"Jack for sure, moral family man from Ohio. No skeletons!" -- John Weidner

"Jack Nicklaus as he was most Presidential Golfer ever. Not only a great player but a Great Statesman." -- Bernard J. Smyth

"Nicklaus. Has he ever done anything that was less than honorable?" -- Marc Steven Mathews

"Jack Nicklaus... Because he's a man of honor and truth!" -- Larry Holmack 

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