When threading the needle between two trees goes wrong

By T.J. Auclair
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When threading the needle between two trees goes wrong

We've all been there. You hit a tee shot just yards off the fairway, but there are trees impeding your line to the green.

Instead of taking your medicine and punching back into the fairway like a good little golfer, you try to find a window -- no matter how small -- and attempt that hero shot to the green.

While your buddy sits in the cart excitedly wondering, "what the hell is this idiot trying to do," you look at the small "V" in the two trees directly in front of you and think, "if I can just split the uprights, I'll be on the green! No problem!"

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That had to be the thought process of the poor soul you're about to see below.


Life comes at you fast

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The swing and contact with the ball were A+... which made the ricochet that much more painful.

While the golf ball didn't redirect and hit the guy where you thought it was going to hit him, you've got to admit it's still funny... but only because it's not you.

I'm pretty sure that guy will be punching out sideways the next time he finds himself in such a predicament.

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