Stephen Curry could consider golf career after basketball

Stephen Curry
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Could Stephen Curry turn in his 3-point shot for a 3-wood one day?
Daniel Mano
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Published: Wednesday, May 17, 2017 | 10:49 a.m.

Stephen Curry is a renowned golf fan as well as a superstar NBA player. So it's little wonder the Warriors guard did not dismiss the idea that he could start a golf career after he is done with basketball.

Curry was asked about such a possibility in a wide-ranging interview with Golf Channel's David Feherty which aired Monday night.

"I've thought about it," Curry replied. "I'm very sensitive to the experience of the PGA Tour guys out there who have dedicated their life to what they do, just like I have with basketball. I don't think I could, obviously, just jump out there ... It'd be a lot of work that would go into it..."

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Feherty noted that Curry has the right mindset for golf.

"I have the passion for the game, I think, to fight through whatever it would take," Curry said. "I don't know if it's in the cards after I'm done playing, but I will still be playing golf until (my NBA career) is over."

Given, Curry is only 29 years old -- "I'm just reaching my prime," he said Monday -- and may be a decade away from such considerations. That said, he did call golf "1B on my list of passions" presumably after hoops.

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Feherty brought the topic up by noting Curry's once said he preferred a green jacket from the Masters Tournament over an NBA championship. That thought that made Curry laugh in Monday's interview -- like he appeared to be doing in this GIF posted by the Warriors...

Curry's dream foursome mates would be Tiger Woods and President Barack Obama -- whom Curry has played with -- along with his father, Dell Curry.

As with so many others, Stephen Curry partly loves golf because of Woods.

"He made me want to just watch every single shot of every single tournament he played," Curry said.

Curry would play Tiger in an imaginary "Masters showdown" with his friends -- and once made a chip-in he felt was similar to Tiger's iconic shot at the 2005 Masters.

In an imaginary golf career, Curry would seemingly like to play a single hole every time: No. 3 at Half Moon Bay Golf Links' Ocean Course, where he scored his only hole-in-one. He called that his favorite hole.

However, Curry is certainly enjoying his real-life career in the NBA. Feherty asked him if he is proud of making the 3-pointer popular.

"It's my way -- it's the only way I know how to play. It's fun," Curry said. "Those kind of shots -- those dagger shots where you're coming across halfcourt and you catch the defense off-guard and pull up with the confidence that I know I can make it -- the ones that get the crowd going, our team feeds off that energy... It's crazy."

Feherty asked if Curry loves the roar after sinking such shots.

"It's not even the roar, for me, it's the moment as I'm shooting," Curry replied. "Because you can feel, like, the collective, like, hum in anticipation of what's about to happen. And as I'm in that moment, everything kind of goes quite but there is that kind of reverb like 'Ahhh" -- ready to see something special. Those moments are pretty cool."

So golf may be a hobby of Curry's, but he isn't necessarily going to be a PGA star. 

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