Why you should TEE IT FORWARD

Tee It Forward
The PGA of America
Golfers will enjoy better scores, have more fun and play faster with TEE IT FORWARD
By John Kim

Series: Golf Buzz

Published: Thursday, June 20, 2013 | 11:29 p.m.
As many of you may know, this weekend (June 22-23) has been designated TEE IT FORWARD Weekend. Several of golf's leading voices are encouraging all golfers to take part by moving up one set of tees during their weekend round. 
TEE IT FORWARD is an initiative backed by the PGA of America and the United States Golf Association to make the game easier, more enjoyable and to speed up play.  Everything you need to know about TEE IT FORWARD, you can learn at its official page here or on our special PGA.com TEE IT FORWARD page.
So why would anyone argue with more accurate approach shots, faster rounds and most importantly, more fun?
The obvious answer - ego. Hey, we're golfers. We love a challenge. We love to compete. We want to beat our playing partners, beat this course, beat this particular hole. We want to test ourselves at the highest level - do it like the pros. Somehow, this is diminished if you play from a set up?
No way. The world's best are hitting short irons into greens - why aren't you?
In truth, most golfers would probably continue to play golf if they did not TEE IT FORWARD. But the numbers and the testimonials are definitive that most golfers would play more and enjoy golf more if gave this option a try. And really, that's all the golf world is asking - just give it a try.
TEE IT FORWARD is not an indictment of your golf skills. (It may be an indictment of the skills in the group ahead of you, but they need to speed up anyways.) No, for you, it's about giving you the best chance to enjoy the shots and the situations you relish the most. 
The 8-iron approach hit to a gimme distance. The curling birdie putt that drops in on the last rotation. The chance to go for the par-5 in two. These are the shots that make golf fun. These are the shots you brag about at the 19th hole. These are the shots you remember for a lifetime. Think about your favorite moments in golf. Very few of them involve hitting from out of the woods or laying four in a bunker.
There is no reason for a golfer to heed my plea. What do I know, right?  Actually, I'm following the advice from a couple of golfers that probably know a little something about good shots, good scores and enjoying the game.
"Golf is a game that should be fun to play, but many golfers make it far too hard by playing from distances that don't match up to their abilities." - Jack Nicklaus
"I've played with enough amateur golfers to know one thing - most play from a set of tees that just makes the game too hard." - Tom Watson
Both golf icons have signed on to be ambassadors of TEE IT FORWARD.  If two legends, with 26 major championships between them, are advocating it as good for MY game...I'm going to listen. Here's hoping you give it a try this weekend as well.