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10 Fun New Year's Resolutions to Inspire You for 2022

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2022 will be here before we know it and you know what that means: New Year’s resolutions. 
When most people think of resolutions, they tend to imagine some outlandish goal that gets forgotten a few weeks into the year, but not for golfers. The New Year represents a time for us to reflect on the past season and set new goals to take our game to the next level.
To help inspire some New Year’s resolutions for your game, we asked our players on social media about their New Year’s goals and the answers ranged wildly from breaking lower score thresholds & new practice routines to crushing longer drives & having more fun out on course.
Check out what they said:
"Hitting bombs!!" - Thomas S.
"Buy a decent divot repairer (just in case) after 20 years of playing, who knows I may hit a green in reg." - Andy J.
"Try to have more fun and be less worried about scores." - RJ M.
"Hit fades and draws on purpose." - Peter G.
"Change partners which would take a load off me..." - Kevin M.
"Focus on the process, not the outcome." - Michael S.
"Keep playing. Keep enjoying it." - Tim B.
"Beat Alan" - Scott M. (Alan's response, "You should be more realistic with your resolution...")
"More consistent putting. Improve long iron play. Dominate in match play." - Chad K.
"Lesson…practice…lesson…practice" - Chrissy B.
And if you need any help setting or achieving your New Year's resolutions, be sure to connect with a PGA Coach in your area.

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