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3 Ways To Improve Your Golf Game Over The Winter

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Oliver Fisher of England practices at home on May 04, 2020 in Binfield, England. Photo by Warren Little/Getty Images

The first day of winter is officially upon us, but that doesn't mean we have to stop working on our golf game.
For the snowbirds in this country, the next few months offer a tremendous opportunity to improve their golf games heading into the next season. The months of December, January and February can be very productive -- if you follow these three tips.
Add a Fitness Routine
Adding a fitness routine that will help you increase your length strength, mobility, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance will undoubtedly help you improve your game. Whether you're able to go to a gym or prefer to workout from the comfort of your own home, there are plenty of fitness routines like the one from PGA Coach Stephanie Molloy below that will help you improve your physical stamina.
Keep a Golf Club or Your Putter in your Den or Office.
Many of us are still working from home, so our golf bag is probably well within reach. Pick up a golf club every day and give it a few good swings or take a few putting strokes on an at-home practice mat. If you live in a smaller space or don't have room to take a full swing, you can still work on parts of your game with drills like the ones below from PGA Coach Tasha Browner Bohlig.
Take Indoor or Virtual Golf Lessons.
Many golfers will find PGA Professionals who are offering attractive off-season lessons, both in person and virtually. The winter is a great time to make some much-needed changes in your swing over a few months.
If there isn't a facility near you offering indoor lessons, building a space to hit at home is easier than you may think and will give you the opportunity to upload your swing to work with a coach virtually. PGA Coach Thor Parrish walks you through an easy at-home hitting station build that you can replicate in your garage or basement.
It's no secret: the better we play, the more we enjoy golf. By developing a good, solid winter routine designed to help your golf game, you will also be giving yourself and the people who care for you one of the best gifts of all this year!