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A 360-Degree Look at Phil Mickelson’s Swing Will Help You Add Distance

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This all around perspective of Phil Mickelson’s magnificent bomb on the 16th hole really shows us three great keys to launching it off the tee.
  1. In the first frame, we see the massive width Phil creates in his backswing. The most important move for creating power and consistency, make sure you copy that.
  2. There’s two great turns. Phil pivots perfectly as he coils up in the backswing. Notice the high hands and back to the target. His athletic stance frees up the back even at age 50. The second turn comes in the downswing. The lead foot plants and the yardage book gets out of the way. Uncoiling that turn unleashes a hellacious hit on the ball. 
  3. Looking at the last view, Phil is not leaning back. He’s swinging up. You can see that in his feet where his weight is deep in the lead heel and arms have given the driver a full send toward the sky. The third key to using a modern driver and golf ball combination for super long drives. 
Take these three keys and put them into your swing. No need to change your grip or modify your swing plane. Swing wide, pivot strong and follow through. Add that to your tee game and you’ll be taking longer walks down the fairway like Phil.