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A Quick Tip to Stop Topping the Golf Ball

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One of the most common misses in golf happens when the lead arm breaks down at impact and you top the golf ball.
Of course, when this happens we've all heard the peanut gallery on the golf course say "keep your head down."
But PGA Coach Brian Schippel, the Director of Instruction at South County Golf Academy in the Southern California Section, has a different theory he wants golfers to think about to avoid topping the golf ball and avoid the heckling from your buddies.
Schippel says golfers should instead "keep their eye on the ball." He breaks it down in the video below & provides an easy drill that you can try to generate power from the ground up and finish your golf swing with ease.
Brian S Schippel, PGA

Mission Viejo, CA

Brian Schippel

Director of Instruction

Brian is a Class A PGA Golf Professional Specialized in Coaching & Teaching, and the Director of Instruction for South County Golf Academy. Brian has been teaching at Arroyo Trabuco since it opened in 2004. Originally hailing from Sandusky, Ohio, Brian then moved to Huntington Beach, California, where he picked up a golf club at the age of 11. He immediately fell in love with the game of golf, and has been active in the sport ever since. Brian has developed a simple and relaxed style of teaching; with a blend of methods from studying the great instructors of our era. His knowledge and enthusiasm for the game of golf will inspire students to accomplish their individual goals. He has built his Junior Performance Program to cater to junior golfers from ages 4 to 17. It has become the best junior instructional program in the area due to the well-rounded approach and delivery of instruction. Brian also has been the Head Golf Coach at JSerra Catholic High School since 2006, and was the developer of the program there. Brian’s patience, calm demeanor, and his ability to work with each student to meet their individual needs, has contributed to his teaching success.

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