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A Solid Stance is a Simple Key to Consistency

By Keith Stewart, PGA
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Golf is a challenge of consistency. Have you ever repeated 10 great drives in a round? Or 10 great iron shots? Putts? On Friday in Evian-Les-Bains, France JeonGeun Lee6 had 10 birdies in the second round of the Amundi Evian Championship! An amazing feat in any round this was accomplished during a LPGA Major Championship.
This level of play from one of the tour’s talented young stars is no surprise. In fact, she already has a major to her credit, the 2019 Women’s US Open. Imagine this level of consistency as she is on her way to a second major title. Through two rounds, JeonGeun has 17 birdies, safely reached 32 of 36 greens in regulation and hit 22 of 26 fairways.
What is it about Lee6’s swing that makes her so steady? In 2021, she has successfully made the cut in 13 of 14 tournaments and earned 3 Top 10’s with her play. Well, her amazing action starts with fantastic fundamentals. Of those basics, the one element she uses to create her repeatable play is a steady stance. Most average golfers think they need more than just a simple fundamental, but that’s essentially what makes LPGA stars like Lee6 so good. She uses key basics to build a well-balanced and reliable motion.
Start by looking at JeonGeun’s address position from the face on perspective. When she stands ready to start her swing she looks like a capital “A.” In doing so, she creates a solid base ready to keep her balanced while turning throughout her swing. Go find a full-length mirror in your home. Face the mirror and look at your address position. Are your feet slightly outside your shoulders? Do you look like an “A?” This is really important, your feet should be a shoulder’s width apart, meaning you can fit your shoulders between them.
Many golfers place their feet directly under their shoulders instead. When we do that, our swinging base is a little too narrow. This can cause swaying and sliding in our swing to stay in balance. In watching Lee6 play this weekend notice how she turns inside her feet. Pay attention to this is a very important key. Since she starts with a wide enough base, it allows her to turn and remain in balance. If you left the mirror, go back, and face it again.
Get in your address position again and this time cross your arms, so the opposite hand grabs the opposite shoulder. Now take an imaginary backswing. When you stop turning, look at the mirror and see where you are. Most golfers will have moved toward their trail foot. That sliding motion can cause an inconsistent strike in our swing.
Now start over and this time feel as if you are turning inside your two feet. Maintain the appearance of that letter “A.” A strong framework will give you more mobility in your golf swing. It will also provide you with more balance. Keep repeating that feeling and looking into the mirror. Make sure you don’t slide or sway, feel a twist. That twist is torque and torque is power.
Continue to watch JeonGeun this weekend and all the great players on the LPGA. Notice how they all stand similarly. This super fundamental allows them to create great power and consistency. If those are two items on your golf checklist get to the mirror and learn to stand tall and turn. Practice and you will feel an immediate difference in your ability to consistently strike the golf ball.