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A Steady Head Will Lead to Consistent Contact

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A steady head helps you consistently hit the ground in the same spot.
According to PGA Coach Joanna Coe, higher handicap players tend to move their head laterally, making their low point inconsistent.
Fortunately, Coe showed off how a friend or family member could help you work on keeping your head steady with one simple tool; An alignment stick.
Your friend will put an alignment stick on top of your head. You'll know your head is steady when your body is turning and your left side is tilting and you're able to extend properly. It reverses in the downswing.
"What I hear a lot at home is 'I have to keep my head down or my eye on the ball," Coe shared during PGA Coaching Live at the PGA Championship. "It's more about a centered, steady head than it is about just keeping your eye on the golf ball."
Check out the full video above & be sure to connect with a PGA Coach like Coe in your area to keep improving your game.

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