Game Changers

Abby Liebenthal joins Fairway Tales to talk about introducing more women to the game

By Carly Grenfell
Published on

Abby Liebenthal's career in golf started at the American Junior Golf Association (AJGA) and it has taken off from there. From working for the Tiger Woods Foundation, to a social media role at Titleist, to Marketing with Imperial Hats, much of Abby's day-to-day life revolves around golf.
Even amidst a busy professional career, Liebenthal’s impact in the golf industry doesn’t end there. She’s proven to be an innovative leader and a huge advocate in growing the game for women of all different abilities and backgrounds. Fore the Ladies, which Liebenthal founded and coins as her passion project, prides itself on being a drop-in class to women’s golf. Her goal is to make the game more approachable and more accessible to anyone who wants to play.
In this episode of Fairway Tales, we talk about some of the barriers of entry in golf, how Fore the Ladies is eliminating those barriers and why this venture is the perfect fit in her golf journey. Liebenthal’s mission started as simply loving the game, and it has now evolved into something even bigger. Through Fore the Ladies, Abby Liebenthal is sharing that passion with others, inviting women to play the game and showing all of us that golf can be whatever we want it to be if you just give it a shot.
For any PGA Professionals, golf facilities and women who want to get involved with Fore the Ladies or host an upcoming event, you can visit for more information. The next few stops on the Fore the Ladies tour will be Los Angeles, Indianapolis and Boston.