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All Arms? PGA Coach Heather King Has a Quick Tip to Help Your Golf Swing

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A lot of my students have trouble getting the club all the way to the top of their swing while keeping their lead arm firm.
This tends to happen because golfers aren't rotating properly and are using all-arms to get the club to the top of the golf swing, breaking down the lead arm.
A great way to find the correct feel for the top of the golf swing is to raise the club and rest it on your shoulders, properly rotate your hips so your back is to the target, push your arms away from your body, and swing.
This will help teach your body the proper way to rotate, which won't only get rid of that 'all-arms' swing, but will help you generate more power from the lower half.
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Heather N King


PGA Teaching Professional

San Diego, CA

San Diego native with 29 years of playing experience. PGA member since 2014 and specializes in Coaching and Teaching. In 2005-2010, played Division I Golf at San Diego State University. In 2018, won PGA Assistant Golf Professional of the Year for San Diego Chapter. Heather's passion is growing the game and impacting the future of golf through our youth. Using these programs to help reach goals: US Kids Certified Club for Fitting/Teaching, LPGA Girls Golf Site Director and PGA Junior League Coach. Taylormade Staff