Game Changers

Behind the Scenes of a PGA of America Summer Internship

By Reagan Witkowski
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At the PGA of America, interns strive to make an impact through flourishing young ideas that turn into projects, which turn into events and create fundamental successes that lay the foundation for their future careers. 
Take it from Robbie Sulzer from Florida State University and Uzair Lodhi of Texas A&M, the PGA of America’s Broadcast and Digital Interns, who worked day and night filming the 2023 National High School Invitational (below), capturing Girls Champion Athena Yoo’s dramatic chip-in on the 18th hole in the final round at Fields Ranch East to claim her title. 
Their incredible two-camera video work and editing of Yoo’s magical shot would be showcased later that night on ESPN SportsCenter’s Top 10 Plays at No. 1.
"It's a crazy feeling to see a video you helped capture on a national sports program like ESPN," said Sulzer. "When I saw it live, it didn't feel real. I felt so proud and accomplished that I helped capture this amazing moment, and ESPN liked it enough to air it on TV."
The rest of this summer’s interns accomplished even more:
  • Fatima Khalid (University of Texas at Dallas), HR Intern:
    Created a recruiting plan for future PGA interns.
  • Cameron DiCarlo (Florida Gulf Coast University), Sections Business Operations Intern: Developed a PGA Championship Playbook.
  • Salter Hydinger (Baylor University), PGA REACH Intern: Pitched multiple corporate partnership opportunities.
  • Kameron Lunnon (University of North Texas), IT Intern: Built a governance site for the PGA Gateway Section
  • Liza DeCaprio (Rice University) and Cade Miller (Georgia Southern University), Player Engagement Interns: Created a companywide Drive, Chip and Putt event, along with spearheading the creation of a future PGA Jr. League Operations manual.
Sure, the accomplishments offer excellent hands-on experience and will make a fantastic resume builder, but it's not the only takeaway.
Liza DeCaprio, Fatima Khalid, Salter Hydinger and Reagan Witkowski.
Liza DeCaprio, Fatima Khalid, Salter Hydinger and Reagan Witkowski.
"Coming into this internship, I had almost zero experience with golf," said Lunnon. "I've received so much exposure to both the corporate and field side of the game. Having the opportunity to speak with PGA Professionals onsite and play golf with them has increased my curiosity, and the office culture is accepting and open, so it was easy for me to buy in."
As the interns navigate their way into potential careers, pairing this experiential opportunity  with their college education is an invaluable way to build for their future.
"Being in the classroom and learning is one thing, but actively working on projects for an organization that has a day-to-day impact is a different ballgame," said Lodhi. "From learning how to be a team member to learning how to participate in team-wide meetings, I was able to grow both as a professional and individual with skills I can use for a lifelong career."
After their 8-week internship is said and done, "melancholy" seems to be a common theme among the interns. 
"I never knew what an amazing company this was, and knowing I have to go back to real life in a week is kind-of sad," said DeCaprio. "The entire office is incredibly supportive and truly wants to see our PGA Intern team succeed. I have been pushed in so many ways this summer and feel as though I am a much stronger individual because of it."
As for myself? 
Serving as the Public Relations Intern, I'm eternally grateful for the opportunities afforded to me during my time here. Working for an established organization like the PGA of America while pursuing my college education has truly been a once-in-a-lifetime experience, enriching my professional journey and shaping my future endeavors in immeasurable ways.