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Cadillac x Collin: Series Follows the Defending PGA Champion to Kiawah

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The Next Generation. New, but refined. Fresh, but classic. Hard to tell if we're describing Collin Morikawa or Cadillac. It was only a matter of time before these worlds collided. 
As Cadillac Chief Marketing Officer Melissa Grady put it: "At Cadillac, we’re inspired by individuals who strive to raise the bar." Morikawa does just that.
We’ve partnered with Morikawa and Cadillac to create a customized, video-on-demand digital content series in which the 2020 PGA Champion shares his unique approach to The Ocean Course through a variety of coaching tips designed to appeal to a major championship audience. Not only does Collin do that, but the audience also gets to watch as he utilizes these tips at The Ocean Course as he will during the 2021 PGA Championship.
Morikawa has worked with his PGA Coach, Rick Sessinghaus since he was six years old. Together, they have developed a working relationship that focuses on Collin's technical strengths as well as his mental toughness. One of the keys to Collin's success is his confidence. When he feels good, he plays well. This is something that he and Rick talk about often. He discusses this in depth and gives viewers insight into how he maintains a good head space both on and off the course. From trusting his instincts, to simply feeling good, mental toughness is important to Morikawa’s game and he shares that with viewers.
Beyond just mental fitness, of course, Collin is also an incredible player. In Cadillac x Collin he will also provide the audience with a peek into the fundamentals of his game, including how he loosens up, what his strategy is for handling the wind and how he approaches difficult shots.
Cadillac x Collin offers a unique, intimate perspective as the defending PGA Champion heads into the 2021 PGA Championship at The Ocean Course.
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