Demo Day Finds: 3 Innovative Ways to Get Around the Course in 2022

By Keith Stewart, PGA
Published on

As the 2022 PGA Show takes off at Orange County National this morning it’s
obvious this Show is going to have one theme in 2022, and that is FUN. The creative minds are always impressing us with their ability to infuse innovation into our game and in this instance answer the question who wouldn’t want to play a little quicker?
Alternative riding vehicles are a new product division. When you see multiple vendors selling these new versions of golf “carts” you know the world is evolving. In speaking with the vendors, the consumer is changing very quickly. The specific reason why these new methods of golf course transportation are so popular, people want to have more fun playing.
Imagine riding a Harley Davidson golf cart around the course. That’s what Phat Scooters
( has built. With wide tires and less weight, they produce less wear and tear than a conventional golf cart. It’s a stable ride and with the addition of a cooler and Bluetooth speaker you’re more than ready for a great day of golf. These scooters can reach speeds of 20mph and with a 3000-watt motor can climb hills better than an Olympic trained caddie.
What’s most interesting about the different options in this category are the various positions that you can ride. If you want to channel your inner Tony Hawk then the Golf Skate Caddy ( might be a better option. Players stand on a stable platform while they ride the course. With a set of handlebars, you can navigate feeling like a golf surfer. Don’t worry in this latest edition of their product, only the handlebars lean, the rider platform stays very steady and gives the player great balance.
Many players walk or ride to the course they play. Some in a golf cart, but others may even use a bicycle. The designers at Divnick Golf have designed the GolfEBike ( This option allows you to ride to the course and play once you get there. A wide tired battery enhanced bicycle allows the rider to include as much exercise as they want. You can go full battery power or pedal part of the way.
The popularity of golf has affected the game in so many positive ways. These alternative rides are an amazing example of how we can enhance our golf experiences. Whether you are a golf course operator or player, look at these options. The bike can easily fold up and fit in your car! The Phat Scooters can ride around the golf community and course, and nothing is cooler than riding a birdie wave.
A golf experience should be entertaining and enjoyable. With these vehicles, you will play faster and have more fun. Sounds like a perfect round of golf.