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Discover a New Way to Start Playing

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When it comes to getting your family members more involved in the game of golf it’s time to make a paradigm shift in your thinking. Start by thinking of one aspect of the game you love the most. Playing with others, exercise, lowering your score, practicing time or maybe even competing.
All those enjoyment elements require a certain foundation of golf skill. You cannot just go out and play nine holes for the experience of being outside and getting exercise. Here’s where seasoned golfers tend to overlook the importance of their original entrance into the game. Consider that as a first golf impression:
I couldn’t find any genuine help.
I didn’t get the ball airborne.
It took a long time.
I know you wouldn’t go back again, and this is why so many beginner golfers don’t
continue. The initial experience just isn’t fun or rewarding. Developing a great introduction to the game isn’t difficult and there are some great resources out there that PGA Coaches use all over the country. Two very good examples of this type of introductory programming are Operation 36 and Discover Golf.
Operation 36
Operation 36 is a player development program designed to teach students the skills they use most often on the course first. In doing so, beginner players have an on-course experience almost immediately. Their basic philosophy starts with the idea of having players learn the game from a shorter distance. Once you become competent from 25 yards away from the hole then you can move back to 50 and 100 yards.
By learning to play golf from the start, an introductory player will have a chance to enjoy a couple of the most fun aspects of the game right from the beginning. By learning on the course, they can play with others and appreciate the nuances of play and etiquette. Compare this to a traditional start on the practice range and the experience is completely different.
Discover Golf
For some, a program like Op 36 or the opportunity to gain course access won’t be that easy. If you find yourself tied to the practice areas beginning your golf journey that’s okay. There are innovative ways of approaching the game from this setting as well. Take for example, Discover Golf. This vanguard approach focuses on creating challenging
game like and play situations rather than the just the rote repetition of most range experiences.
By centering on the aspects of play through fun interactive games, players learn to think and respond to golf situations quickly. This behavioral model makes learning the game very approachable and fun. It connects golfers from the start through shared experiences rather than through skill. Everyone can have fun together learning the game independent of how quickly you pick up the fundamental skills.
These are just two increasingly popular and enjoyable ways PGA Coaches are introducing the game to others. If you plan to start someone in your family on their golf journey, please take the time to think about their introduction to the game. Those first moments can be crucial to keeping them engaged. Hopefully these examples expand your approach. The goal is to share what you love about the game as soon as possible. In doing so, you will empower their entrance and form the same bond you have with the game.