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Playing Golf is All About the Memories

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It's all about the moments we'll never forget.
Watching Major Champions tee it up with the family members this week at the PNC Championship helps remind us of the bigger picture – that playing golf is about much more than hitting a small, dimpled ball into a 4.25 inch hole in as little strokes as possible. Golf is about having fun, strengthening connections and making memories.
As we watch John Daly enthusiastically cheer on his son John or see the pride on Mike Thomas's face as he and JT discuss their victory at the winner's press conference only brings this into clearer focus.
Charlie Woods will never forget making his first eagle with his dad at the 2020 PNC Championship, just as millions of other golfers have their own memories of poignant milestones on the course. And this week will surely create even more meaningful memories for all the competitors as they tee it up in Orlando, as well as those watching from home. 

So the next time you’re getting upset about that missed putt, the bad weather or the slow play, take a deep breath, look around, take in the views and remind yourself that it’s all good. Look at the bigger picture, and above all, to enjoy the moment playing this amazing game.
And for help with your putting woes, connect with a PGA Coach in your area and set up a time to work on your game with your family & friends. 

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