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Don't Extend Early: Keeping the Proper Posture in Your Golf Swing

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The golf swing is complex— There is no doubt about it.
From the takeaway to the downswing and ultimately making impact, there are many moving parts.
Extending early is just one mistake many players make. An early extension means the belt buckle is moving towards the ball when you're about to make impact. When that happens, you're out of posture, your upper body stands up and you either top the ball or drop the club behind you.
If you're able to stay down on the ball with the proper posture, you'll make more solid contact and hit purer shots.
After establishing your posture and the distance between your sternum and the ball, the goal is to return to the same distance between you and the ball at impact. You should feel like you're sitting — or staying back on the ball — instead of standing up.

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