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Finding a Coach That Fits Your Game

By Leighton Smith, PGA
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Collin Morikawa and his PGA Coach Rick Sessinghaus.

Collin Morikawa and his PGA Coach Rick Sessinghaus.

We all have that friend who refuses to take lessons. We also have that friend who takes way too many lessons and can't see the fruit of their labor. Hopefully, you've found a coach that is right for you. One who understands your goals and who can adapt to your learning style. Here are three things to look out for when looking for a coach!
1. What is the first impression? Did it leave you feeling pumped?
If you're researching swing coaches then you must be pretty motivated to
improve. That's awesome! If you feel your motivation and excitement is not
matched, it could be a red flag.
Many instructors are just looking for the next client that walks through the door. However, great coaches are always looking for motivated students. A great coach will ask you probing questions and get the conversation flowing. If you feel like you have to sell yourself, it could be worth a pass. When in doubt, just sign up for a one time lesson. Then you can do a gut check afterward.
2. Are you learning the “WHY”?
Great coaches find ways to get buy-in from their students. Making changes to
your swing may be necessary. However, if you find yourself navigating swing
changes without knowing WHY those changes are taking place, then what's the
point? If you're investing time and money, it may be worth finding someone who
will guide you through changes rather than just tell you what to do.
3. Are you being pushed or pulled?
Teamwork makes the dream work. This is about your game and your improvement. If you find a coach who believes in you and is willing to grind as hard as you are, then you are in for an epic ride. If you're on the verge of unwarranted swing changes, then perhaps you can slow things down by asking questions. “Why are we making this change?” or “How will this change affect my ball flight?”
Having a good relationship with a coach is no different than having a good relationship with a spouse, friend, sibling etc. It takes communication, vulnerability, dedication and commitment. It takes work and its not perfect, but sticking to the process is what creates the momentum! Good luck!

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