All You Need is a Plastic Hanger to Improve Your Golf Swing

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There are a ton of efficient ways to work on your golf swing without spending money on training aides.
A hanger — which we're sure you have plenty of in your closet — can help prevent you from scooping or casting the ball and improve your swing.
Follow the simple guide from Joanna Coe, PGA, and check out her quick tip from her visit to PGA Frisco and you'll be lowering your scores in no time.
  1. Place a plastic hanger on the inside of the grip
  2. Take your grip and have your forearm of your lead arm rest on the hanger the entire time
  3. During backswing - keep the hanger tight to your forearm
  4. Maintain that position all the way into your follow through
Joanna Coe, PGA is the Director of Instruction at Merion Golf Club and named the National Women’s PGA Professional Player of the Year in 2019. You can follow her on Instagram for more coaching tips!
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Joanna Coe


Director of Instruction

Ardmore , PA