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Group Events like Wedges, Wine & Whiskey Create Welcoming Environment for Players of All Skill Levels

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There is no way around it— The game of golf is difficult.
But it is also full of fun, enjoyment and camaraderie. That is why social events like Wedges, Wine & Whiskey at Monarch Beach Golf Links are becoming so popular across the country.
“People get frustrated more easily in a solo lesson than they do in a group lesson,” Director of Player Development & Marketing at Monarch Beach Golf Links Jackie Riegle shared. “Having a coach is one thing, but having other people to learn from in a fun, group setting might help you more.”
Riegle and her colleague Brandon Delgado host Whiskey, Wine & Wedges for 90 minutes. From new players to couples enjoying a date night, the event provides a welcoming environment and each guest walks away at the end of the night with a new Titleist Vokey Wedge.
And there is the added incentive of enjoying libations responsibly while working on your game.
“Being able to meet people who you could play with or practice with keeps you more interested in the game,” Riegle shared. “Golf in itself is so hard. That group setting of seeing that there are people working through their struggles can help you manage expectations that you’re not the only one.”
The golf boom is real and more players are joining the movement every single day. Taking advantage of social events at your local course can be a great introduction to the game.
Be sure to check to connect with a PGA Coach in your area to find out what types of group lessons are available to help you along your own journey.

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