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Having Trouble Reaching a Goal? Harness the Power of Phil Mickelson's Process

By Keith Stewart, PGA
Published on

Over the past 48 hours we have heard a number of reactions from Phil Mickelson and the golf world about his historic victory at the 103 rd PGA Championship. Through a coaching filter, much of what Phil has said resonates with what every PGA Coach believes about success. He continues to repeat words like focus, patience, sacrifice and commitment.
As we all try to put Phil’s second PGA Championship into perspective, the greatest lesson we have learned is how to develop, adhere and believe in your process.
Process is a very cliché word in 2021, but it does the job. You don’t win the Wanamaker trophy at any age without a plan, some help, and a strong desire to accomplish your goal. In listening to Phil and watching the competition from this weekend it’s obvious he’s been living through a deliberate plan. A course of action determined by a team of experts designed to help him return to his winning ways. For the average golfer, it would have resulted in a win. For Phil, it resulted in him rewriting history.
Now that Mickelson has inspired a legion of golfers young and old, how can we design our own plan of attack toward achieving our goals in golf and life. Follow these steps and you’ll have the fundamentals in place to begin your own journey toward personal success.
  • The first thing we learned from Phil this weekend is to surround yourself with great people. People you can build long-term relationships with and trust. As a golfer, this decision is made easy by connecting with a PGA Coach. Not only can they help you develop a plan, but they also have the professional network to connect you with other successful motivators.
  • The mind is our strongest muscle. Behind those sunglasses breathes a new Mickelson man. The transformation has been going on for some time, but this weekend was a major milestone. Phil’s quiet confidence resonated through the television screen. If you’re going to train physically, make sure you plan to train the mind as well.
  • Successfully reaching new goals and objectives starts with creating realistic expectations. Spend some time in thought with your team. Design goals in line with their recommendations. The easiest path to quitting is by trying to accomplish an impossible scenario.
  • Practice is really important. Whether it is a dynamic movement in the golf swing or sticking to your meditation schedule, it all counts. Since you’re the only one keeping score, don’t let yourself down. Consider Phil’s common word “commitment.” Don’t just tell yourself you will do something, show yourself you’re willing to follow through.
A powerful example of using these goal guidelines can come by starting with a small success strategy. Starting today, make a commitment to set aside fifteen minutes for golf each day.
  • 5. Spend five minutes sitting in a distraction-free place and think about the game. Why you play,
    what you enjoy about it and some of your favorite shots you hit recently.
  • 10. Spend the next five minutes doing a physical golf activity. It can be a stretch or a push up.
    Something to increase the strength or range of motion in your golf body.
  • 15. In the last five minutes, make some swings. Take your time and make these swings the best they can be. Focus on your last lesson and try to work on your pattern.
Just fifteen minutes a day for one week. After seven days, you simply understand why Phil’s mindset was so valuable. Although you may reap the benefits of all those exercises, the real gain comes from sticking to it for seven days. After one week, try two, then a month. Keep building your momentum until it cannot be stopped. Reach that point, and you’ll be on your way to rewriting your own history.