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How Watching Four Quarterbacks Will Significantly Help Your Golf

By Keith Stewart, PGA
Published on

Aaron Rodgers at the Wynn Golf Club in Las Vegas, NV for The Match on May 31, 2022.Getty Images

Tonight, sports fans will be treated to a fun spectacle of professional athletes being humbled by the greatest game we all can play… golf. Airing on TNT and starting at 6:30 pm EDT, four of the NFL’s biggest stars are going to play a twelve-hole match at the Wynn Golf Club in downtown Las Vegas. Previous “Match” participants Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers will team up against first time exhibition golfers Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen.
At first glance, one might wonder what they can learn from four quarterbacks on the course, but as a PGA Coach I thought about it and came up with a pretty cool list of moves they may make tonight that can help your own game.
  1. Golf is an athletic game. Whether you ride in a cart, play six holes or just visit TopGolf, it takes some athleticism to successfully hit a golf ball. Watch how these four players address the ball tonight. Probably all will wear shorts, so look at their legs. They will be slightly flexed, not rigid, or super bent. Their posture over the ball will be soft and ready to move, not stiff and angular. These four guys know how to stay balanced, and their setup will show it.
  2. Follow their format. The QB’s are playing a shamble tonight. Surprisingly, not enough amateurs are aware of this style of play. The partners will all tee off. From there they will select the best drive and then both men on each team will play their own ball into the hole. For the Match, they will have two-man teams, but you can also try this format in a foursome.
  3. Pick a number? The Match is slated for twelve holes. Your golf shouldn’t be confined to just nine or eighteen holes. Maybe you only have time for six holes. Some die-hards might like an extra nine and play twenty-seven. The point is we don’t live in a rigid golf world anymore. Play the number of holes that make you happy.
  4. Throw the ball. These four guys throw a football very accurately and very far for a living. Watch how they move tonight. Pay specific attention to their weight shift through the ball. You wouldn’t throw a football off your back foot? The same holds true for hitting a golf ball. You must transfer your weight through the shot just like they execute a pass.
  5. We all make mistakes. Even though these four are MVP caliber athletes in another sport, that doesn’t mean golf won’t get the best of them. I can’t wait to see how each of them handle adversity tonight. This will be the most interesting aspect of the Match. We all need to possess a short memory on the golf course. It’s very hard to do, but these guys are experts at it in their other role.
Listen to their conversations tonight. Keep an ear and an eye open as you watch. Great pressure players have confident conversations and mannerisms. I’m sure we will all pick up a couple positive points we can use to play better and compete more successfully. These guys were chosen because of their popularity, but I’m going to watch tonight thinking they were selected for another reason. Golf is hard. Just like life in the NFL, you will fail more than you will succeed. For that reason alone, I cannot wait to watch this evening and see how The Match plays out in the fourth quarter.