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Improving Your Tempo & Speed Control Will Eliminate Three Putts

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Danny Balin is playing in the PGA Championship at the Ocean Course for the second time. He was also a competitor in the 2012 edition. Based upon his experience, PGA Coaching Live caught up with him at the practice putting green. As a member of the Team of 20 PGA Professionals who qualified for the tournament, we know he can play, yet it’s consistency on the greens that has his attention. 
Delivering the putter head into the ball is a very important skill in golf. Although most golfers only see what the ball does, they seldom consider how they move the putter. Balin is a Metropolitan PGA Section member and PGA Coach who plays on slick greens. He knows even the best in the world don’t make very many putts outside of eight to ten feet. 
Therefore they practice their putter speed control to help reduce three putting. When you watch players putt this week notice how balanced their stroke is matching the length and speed of the backswing and follow through. Keeping your focus on the stroke will make you less anxious about striking the ball. 
The 103rd PGA Championship will showcase a number of phenomenal shots over the course of the tournament week. Some will be more exciting than others. One thing’s for sure, two putting from twenty feet won't boost the ratings, but for those playing it will certainly help them climb the leaderboard.
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