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Controlling the Club Face Starts with a Proper Grip

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Steve Scott understands the importance of correct match ups in golf. As a PGA Coach and excellent player, he knows how important it is to find the right connection between our most basic fundamental, the grip, and our swing. 
How we hold the golf club determines the clubface position during our swing. In this demonstration, listen to Steve as he discusses the correlation between Dustin Johnson’s grip and his body motion. The relationship he describes is key to the world #1 player’s success. Dustin uses a very strong grip. Holding the club in this fashion causes him to clear his body very early in his downswing. The importance of this connection cannot be understated. Now consider your grip. How do you position your hands on the club? 
When you look down at your lead hand, or glove hand do you see lots of knuckles? If so, follow Steve’s comments about Dustin Johnson. No knuckles on that lead glove hand? Then realize there’s a different swing motion match up you will need. The grip is our signature in the golf swing. It’s the first brick in our foundation. Follow this PGA Coach’s advice and make sure the rest of your swing architecture matches.
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