Game Changers

Jeehae Lee Embracing Career at Topgolf and The Unorthodox Journey That Got Her There

By Carly Grenfell, PGA of America
Published on

Head of Growth Initiatives and Business Development at Toptracer, a division of Topgolf, Jeehae Lee can confidently say today she embraces all that the golf industry offers. After her parents introduced her to the game at a young age, she realized that while her sister was a talented pianist, golf was going to be ‘her thing.’
Jeehae Lee ran with her talent on the links up until her time at Yale, where she played college golf her freshman year, but was ultimately more drawn to extracurricular activities outside of golf. The sport remained an afterthought while running various campus organizations and getting her degree in economics. But as a senior, Jeehae Lee wanted another crack at golf, so she rejoined the team for one final season.
From here, she wondered what would happen if she truly committed herself to the sport after she graduated from Yale. To no surprise, she shot for the stars and earned her LPGA status after a rare, one attempt at Qualifying Series.
“Golf is not something I embraced all my life,” Lee said. “It was something I resisted at times; I took it for granted at times. But I know now it is the greatest gift my parents have ever given me. I feel most alive and happiest when I’m talking about golf, around golf, or on a golf course.”
Though Jeehae Lee’s time as a professional golfer was somewhat short-lived, it opened the door to a plethora of business opportunities—like being Michelle Wie’s manager and meeting Topgolf Executive Chairman Erik Anderson. No matter what, one fact has always held true through her personal journey in golf: she’ll always keep coming back for more.