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PGA Coach Says The Hoodie Can Help Grow the Game of Golf

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As a PGA Professional, Vinnie Bertagna is passionate about growing the game of golf.
Bertagna shared his thoughts about the hoodie debate in golf and believes that being inclusive & allowing the hoodie on the golf course is a great first step to bringing new golfers to the game.
Whether its a street-style hoodie or a more upscale hoodie, you're going to be able to swing the golf club comfortably and look good doing it.
Connecting with a PGA Coach like Bertagna can help you improve your game. If you're looking to take golf lessons, is a great place to start. Search for a PGA Professional in your area and check out some of the other great tips along the way.
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Vinny Bertagna


PGA Golf Coach

Chino Hills, CA

"2020 SCPGA Inland Empire Teacher of the Year " Vinnie has been a certified PGA Teaching Professional since November of 2017 and has been working as a Golf Coach since 2012 at Los Serranos Country Club. ​ He has worked with all ages and abilities throughout Southern California at outdoor and indoor facilities .​ He's Passionate about growing the game and does so by spreading good vibes, humility , and his thoughtfulness towards each of his students. His teaching methods are simple but effective & aim to improve his players by creating a plan, setting goals and building a strong coach to player relationship.