PGA Holiday Gift Guide: Part 1

By Keith Stewart, PGA
Published on

PGA Professionals and Coaches are asked their opinion all the time. After all, they are the leading experts in the business and game of golf. As such authorities, there’s probably no more important advice given than gift recommendations at the holidays. Understanding a player’s swing and correcting their slice is almost easy compared to the annual angst most golfers feel as they shop for friends and family this time of year.
Since golfers represent such a wide range of age and diverse tastes, I’m going to break this “Gift Guide” up into two parts. Over the next two Wednesdays, I’ll do my very best to represent as many options as the digital space dictates. We have all heard of the issues Santa and other holiday personnel are facing this year with delays and supply chain shortfalls.
My first piece of advice is to buy early. Reason? Very simple, golf is more popular than ever. Golf gifts are going to be garnered at a record pace in 2021, don’t miss out on one of these super suggestions!
1. All golfers love more golf content.
A good book can be the perfect supplement to a collection of golf coaching encyclopedias. “One for the Memory Banks” is an international bestseller, that is being compared with Twain and Hemingway.  Humorous characters and storytelling combined with power and brevity. The great golf author James Dodson called it the Best Golf Book in 20 years. If your golfer is a reader, this is an absolute must.
2. In the past two years, we all learned the importance of entertainment at family gatherings.
If your family has a bunch of golfers like mine, then how about a good chipping game? A simple Google search away and you can see a plethora of options like Chippo or golf cornhole, perfect for the home or tailgate. You already have the clubs needed, just add these great games and you’re ready for another firepit gathering.
3. Speaking of firepits, one of the coolest custom items available is the firepit from Signs by the Sea.
A PGA Professional owned company out of New Jersey, they have cornered the market on great golf related items for the home and office. From a decorative dart board to the recently introduced firepits one can really grab a cool golf themed item this holiday.
4. More people are playing golf in more places than ever.
If your golfer is making the rounds locally or for a brief getaway the best travel companion comes from Stitch Golf. From shoe bags to their Clubhouse Duffle, you can really take your travel game to the next level. Splurge and go with the UGB (Ultimate Garment Bag) and your gift recipient will be impressed with your innovation and style savvy.
5. Most golfers replace their rain gear about as often as they replace their iron sets.
Needless to say, not very often. Give the gift of comfort and cool this winter with a Zero Restriction men’s Power Torque or women’s Olivia jacket. Both are cutting edge in performance and style. Since we all are playing more often, the chances of playing in inclement weather have significantly increased. A new jacket will be appreciated on more than just Christmas day.
6. Sneakers are a big deal.
Well golf isn’t far behind in this genre. Air Jordan has designed some great golf shoe options for the sneakerheads on your list. You will impress them with your ability to combine two of their passions with one gift. Although Air Jordan sounds like a risky pick for most gift givers, much like his basketball ability, a Jordan sneaker gift is guaranteed to get the job done.
We all know golfers can be a selective crew, but as the round count has increased over the past few years, so have the options. We are way past a dozen balls and a golf tie. Make sure you use your imagination and get creative. Feel free to ask your local PGA Professional. much like me they will be a valuable resource as well.