PGA Holiday Gift Guide Part 2

By Keith Stewart, PGA
Published on

Holiday gifts for the golfer in your life come in all shapes and sizes. In fact, there are so many to choose from it helps if we break them up into categories. For this edition of the PGA Coaching “Presents to Purchase”, we are going to recommend some items your favorite golfer can use around the house. Those moments when they are away from the course, yet just can’t get enough of their favorite sport!
Golf is a lifestyle sport and therefore offers plenty of ways to enjoy the game away from the golf club. There are tools to help us train our golf muscles. Others that will help you perform better from a mental standpoint. Then there are those wonderful training aids to help perfect some small aspect of your game. Wrap all those items into one and you get our first great gift recommendation.
What if you could give the gift this year? With an Optishot golf simulator you can experience the game right in your home.
The best approach is to shop their “golf in a box” options. Find the one that best fits your budget and area. For years, home simulators had to be tens of thousands of dollars. That just isn’t the case anymore. Thanks to their industry leading technology, you can literally play at home with family and friends. If they already have an indoor space at home to practice, this option is easily under $500 for the Optishot 2 simulator.
The biggest trend in golf training is developing more speed.
It doesn’t matter if your 8 or 80, a couple extra yards would be nice. Thanks to tremendous research and development across the industry there are multiple options in this category.S omething simple like the Rypstick comes with free training videos to help acquire a couple extras miles per hour.
For the advanced golfer looking to go for next level speed, there’s the SuperSpeed Golf holiday bundle. A complete package to help prepare you for Bryson like bombs!
One thing we never practice enough is putting.
Most likely because once we are at the practice tee, all we want to work on is full swings. Yet putts account for a third or more of your total strokes taken in most rounds. Since golfers rarely recognize the value in more flatstick practice, a gift like the Perfect Practice Putting Mat is valuable to any player’s game.
What makes this mat unique is the quality of the surface, simple ball return and furniture like aesthetics. It fits well in any home or office and will certainly help any golfer with their flatstick fundamentals.
The greatest gifts are not only loved by the recipient, but also serve a purpose for those who give them.
If you’re tired of your golfer’s equipment making a mess in the garage or storage room, buy your player a golf locker. Milliard and Suncast both make great organizers that hold the bag off the ground and supply various storage areas for all your golfer’s extra accoutrements.
If your golfer lives out of their vehicle trunk, then they have organizers for those as well. A great organizer for the home or car is truly a win-win gift.
One can quickly see the options for your golfer at home are creative and valuable. Golf is a lifestyle game. Those that love to play, are addicted to it home and away. Golf is more popular than ever, add a little of the game to your home and you might just find yourself getting addicted just like your giftee!