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Power Tips for High School Golfers

By Brendon Elliott, PGA
Published on

For high school female golfers, gaining more distance off the tee can be a gamechanger, leading to lower scores and increased confidence on the course.
Here are some tips and drills to help you gain more distance and power in your golf game.
1. Technique and Form
Improving your swing technique is the cornerstone of gaining more distance. It significantly impacts the distance of your shots. Focus on maximizing your clubhead speed by generating power from your body rotation and arm extension. A proper golf swing involves a smooth backswing, a powerful downswing, and a full follow-through. Ensure your body and club are in sync to achieve maximum power and distance.
2. Strength and Conditioning
Increasing your strength and flexibility directly translates to more distance off the tee. Incorporate exercises that target your core, legs, and upper body to develop the power necessary for longer drives. Additionally, enhancing your flexibility will help you achieve a wider range of motion, leading to more efficient and powerful swings.
3. Tempo and Rhythm
Maintaining a consistent and smooth tempo throughout your swing is essential for maximizing distance. Avoid rushing your backswing or downswing, as this can lead to loss of power and accuracy. Practice achieving a balanced and rhythmic swing tempo to optimize your driving distance.
4. Utilize Your Lower Body
Engage your lower body in the swing to generate more power. Start your downswing by shifting your weight onto your front foot and rotating your hips aggressively. This kinetic chain movement will transmit energy from the ground up, resulting in increased clubhead speed and longer drives.
5. Two Drills to Improve Distance
a. The "Pump Drill"
- This drill focuses on syncing your body and arms to maximize power. Take your normal address position and swing the club back and forth without stopping. Feel the connection between your arms, body, and the clubhead, creating a fluid and powerful motion.
b. The "Step and Swing Drill"
- Begin by taking a step forward with your lead foot as you start your downswing. This lateral movement will engage your lower body and help you generate more power through impact. Practice this drill to develop a more dynamic lower body movement in your swing.

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6. Equipment Fitting
Ensure that your clubs are properly fitted to optimize your distance potential. A club fitting session can help you find the correct shaft flex, clubhead design, and loft angle that complement your swing and maximize distance. Upgrading your equipment to match your swing characteristics can significantly improve distance and overall performance.
7. Mental Approach
Confidence plays a crucial role in maximizing distance off the tee. Visualize successful and powerful drives before stepping up to the ball. Trust in your swing and focus on executing a smooth and powerful motion without overthinking. A positive and confident mindset can positively impact your distance and overall performance on the course.
8. On-Course Strategy
Strategically selecting the right spot on the tee box to hit from and utilizing course features to your advantage can help you gain more distance. Teeing off by aiming for the optimal fairway position can set you up for longer and more advantageous approach shots. Analyze the hole's layout and plan your strategy accordingly to optimize your driving distance.
9. Continuous Practice and Feedback
Consistent practice and feedback are essential for refining your swing mechanics and increasing your driving distance. Regularly film your swing and seek feedback from a PGA or LPGA certified coach to help you identify areas for improvement. Implementing targeted practice sessions based on specific feedback can significantly enhance your distance potential.
With dedication, perseverance, and a focus on technique and strength, you can unlock your full potential and elevate your game to new heights!

Brendon Elliott is a PGA Coach in the Orlando area. Check out his profile here, or find a coach near you.