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How to Hit Your Fairway Woods Solid Like Rose Zhang

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Rose Zhang has an envious tempo and rhythm to her swing, and it's no wonder why she won in her first LPGA Tour start last summer at Mizuho Americas Open.
There's no rush to Zhang's swing and it allows her to match up her lower and upper body perfectly to deliver flush contact to the ball throughout the bag. While it may take a little longer for you to develop those sort of mechanics, there's a few simple keys you learn from Zhang right away that can transfer instantly to your game.
The fairway wood shot from a long distance is one club Zhang has down-pat, but it can be tricky to get consistent contact since it's used from such a far distance usually. We've got you covered, however.
Take a look at one of Rose's epic shots last year at the KPMG Women's PGA Championship, as well as some keys from Ryan Adams, PGA, that will help you master these shots: