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Three Keys to Strike Your Irons Like Max Homa

By Jimmy Wisinski, PGA
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Over the last few years on the PGA TOUR, one of the players who's emerged as a consistent ballstriker is Max Homa.
Last year, Homa was in the top 10 in Shots Gained: Total, Approaches from 125-150 yards, and Approaches from 75-100 yards, which tells me one thing — he knows how to get the ball close to the hole when he needs to do so.
A perfect example came in the first round of The Sentry at the Plantation Course at Kapalua in Hawaii. Check out this shot from Max:
While an ace would've been downright amazing, Homa will take a tap-in birdie, too. Anyone would when it comes to hitting approach shots.
The next time you're practicing or even before you go out and play, try these three tips for more consistent iron play:
  1. Start your backswing with the arms, shoulders and core. Focus on using your big muscles.
  2. Coming into impact, feel your chest stay down through the shot versus lifting out of it. Think about covering the ball.
  3. Lastly, extend your trail arm (right arm for righties, left arm for lefties) through impact and finish with your body facing the target. Not facing your target? That's likely where your ball went.
Hopefully these tips help you start off 2024 with better ballstriking . . . and maybe a near-ace like Max Homa!

Jimmy Wisinski is the PGA of America Director of Instruction at Kent Country Club in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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