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Putt Around the World to Improve Your Pace on the Greens

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It’s important to experience the speed of the greens when you warm up for a round of golf. How many of you also try to take in the break. Jordan Spieth is a world class putter because he accounts for all the variables when preparing on the putting surfaces. 
The basic clock drill starts with four golf balls set around the hole at twelve, three, six and nine o’clock. Jordan is seen here at about six feet from the hole, PGA Coaches suggest you start at three or four feet. Try to choose a practice hole sitting on a slight slope. This will allow you to practice a left to right, a right to left, uphill and downhill putt.
Just like Jordan, try to make all four putts going around clockwise. Place the four balls back, then do the drill counterclockwise. We never know what style of breaking putt we will face. Don’t just always practice in the same order or on the same hole.Create some variety and you will be better mentally prepared to face the flatstick.
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