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Scottie Scheffler Was 'Set Up' for Success in his Sunday Singles match versus Jon Rahm

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Scottie Scheffler started his singles match on Sunday with four straight birdies. Scheduled to compete against the #1 player in the world, he knew it was going to take a special effort to win his match. The strength of Scheffler’s game starts with his setup. He’s tall and strong like so many modern golfers, and in that characteristic address position, he holds his club as if it is an extension of his arms.
Scottie’s iron accuracy stems from his athletic posture. Look how his arms hang freely below his shoulders. He’s not reaching for the club and his hands aren’t too close to his legs. In this starting position, there’s an angle formed between the hands hanging and the club shaft. That angle is very important.
If you want to play like Scheffler did to win over Jon Rahm then get yourself in Scottie’s setup. Pay attention to the feeling you have holding the club and what that angle is between you and the tool. Then as you get to impact, recreate that same angle between you and the club shaft. Don’t let it move up or down. Keeping it the same will help you get the ball started on the correct line and struck crisply.
The reason Scottie Scheffler has such a well-rounded game is that a super setup like this can assist in all areas. Chipping through driving, pitching to putting, get your arms in a position where they can swing quickly and consistently. With a free-flowing motion, your speed through the ball will increase. Which combined with a more solid hit, you too can achieve some serious golfing goals just like Scheffler.

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