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Suzy Whaley: A Tenure of Breaking Barriers and Making History

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In 2018, Suzy Whaley broke down barriers by becoming the first woman President of the PGA of America.
A PGA Member since 2001, Whaley knew that to make the right impact on the game of golf, she had to have more diverse decision-makers, and that in turn launched new opportunities within the game and the Association.
In addition to the many other accomplishments over her 2-year term as President -- her impact on youth, women, inclusion and diversity is paramount. During her time in office, PGA REACH has grown exponentially and both a Girls Junior PGA Championship and Women’s PGA Cup were created.
Through PGA LEAD, PGA WORKS, and other educational programs, Whaley has influenced members on the business side of the game for years to come.
And while 2020 hasn’t been the year anyone expected, Whaley’s leadership through the global pandemic has helped sustain the business of golf and the Association and provided both with a solid foundation moving forward. Through Back2Golf efforts and the Golf Emergency Relief Fund, Whaley and PGA leadership have helped golf clubs and their members meet the challenges they’ve faced and keep the game thriving.
PGA President Suzy Whaley’s Accomplishments
  • Became the first woman Officer of the PGA (Secretary, Vice President, President)
  • Made a commitment to the women’s game that resulted in:
    • Inaugural Women’s PGA Cup
    • Inaugural OMEGA Women’s PGA Player of the Year Award
    • Continued growth of the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship
    • Creation of the Girls Junior PGA Championship
  • Helped create the Golf Emergency Relief Fund, which donated nearly $8 million to 5,200 recipients across the golf industry
  • Spearheaded the Back2Golf initiative with CDC to re-open golf courses safely and provide golfers with a responsible outlet for entertainment
  • Through the re-launch of, created a new, director-to-consumer connection to help PGA Professionals welcome newcomers to golf