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Take Notes From Jessica Korda: The Bigger the Arc, the More Power You Will Have

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Watching the Korda sisters swing a golf club is so much fun. Their long languid action produces effortless power. There’s definitely some effort involved and it’s easy to see in this slow motion replay. As the commentator points out her shoulder turn, look at Jessica’s hands. The position of her grip at the top of the backswing is super stretched. 

Continue watching and notice how high those hands return in the follow through. Getting those hands so high in both places creates an extremely wide swing arc in between. Needless to say, feeling that level of stretch in your swing will help you hit the ball farther. 
To copy the Korda sisters, try this exercise at home to build a bigger swing. All you need for this drill is a tennis ball and a golf club. Grab a mid-iron and find a place where the ceilings are tall or go outside. Take your address position and place that tennis ball between your wrists. Now start your backswing and make sure the ball stays in position. 
Continue to the top of your backswing and then down through impact. Follow through to a full wide finish.  Right away, you’ll notice the length of your movement will be limited. By keeping those arms long and wide, range of motion becomes a factor. Don’t worry, you don’t have to go as far as the Kordas, just as wide. 
Keep rehearsing this feeling and stretching the width of your arc. By doing this not only will you gain power, but tremendous consistency as well.