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Follow Through like Yuka Saso to Take Your Game to New Heights

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So much attention is given to the backswing and impact in golf. By watching the best players in the world, we should also pay attention to their follow through. Take for example this slow motion movement from US Open Champion Yuko Saso. Notice here extension past the ball and toward the target.
The next time you visit the practice range, try this exercise.
  • Grab your driver and grip the clubhead end with both hands. 
  • Hold the club chest high and make a level golf swing. 
  • As you turn through, listen for the “whoosh.” There will be a discernible noise.
Most will hear it at the point where the ball would be in your real swing. That’s too early.
  • Take another swing and this time try to push the noise past the ball position. Get your whoosh out in front. 
  • Once you do, you’ll feel great extension past the ball.
Suddenly you’ll look like Yuko in this video. Continue to practice this move. Now flip the club and place your hands on the grip. Keep the club chest high and repeat the drill. Feel the clubhead extend past impact. That’s speed! 
Rehearse this move several times. Once you have a feel for it, tilt back to a normal address position. Tee up a ball and repeat the movement. The ball will take off like you may have never experienced. This is that secret move that allows television players to look effortless. Embrace the extension and commit to that follow through and you’ll be swinging like Saso.