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Lesson Learned: Follow Maria Fassi's Lead to Finish on Uphill Lies

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Hitting a successful uphill shot requires a strong focus on proper forward movement in our golf swing. When facing a shot like Maria Fassi in this clip our biggest tendency is to keep our weight back and from falling downhill. It’s only natural that gravity causes a challenge. This isn’t a level shot, shifting your weight forward will be more difficult than a flat lie.
Here’s a PGA Coaching trick…
Concentrate on getting the handle of the club past the ball at impact. By creating a little shaft lean our body will be forced to move through the swing. This “move” you feel will cause your weight to shift forward. If you have trouble getting the shaft ahead in general, try this drill.
Place an alignment rod six inches behind the ball and perpendicular to the target line. Select a mid-iron. Take your normal address position and try to strike the ball by missing the rod laying on the ground. This new steeper angle of attack will create a hands-ahead impact position. Keep performing this exercise until that sensation stays.
In one simple repeatable exercise, you will suddenly start to drive your weight and club through impact. Creating solid contact and flighting the ball more toward your target.