5 Steps to Find the Right Putting Grip for Your Game

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Golf is not an exact science. When we are playing our best it is a perfect blend of feel and function. Many golfers struggle with that feel on the putting green. Creating a balance between both hands is difficult. Try a quick experiment next time you’re on the practice putting green.
  1. Select a spot where you can hit a flat 10-foot putt. Straight with very little break is best.
  2. Strike a couple of warm-up putts. 
  3. Putt three balls with just your right hand.
  4. Putt three balls with just your left hand. 
  5. Assess the results of your experiment.
  • Was one hand more dominant than the other?
  • Was one hand unstable? (Jumpy?)
Chances are one of your hands needs a change to help balance out your stroke. To quiet the dominant hand, try a different grip. As seen here in the photo, a simple saw or claw grip can reduce the tendency of one hand to take over your stroke. 
Have fun and try a couple of different grip styles. Test your new connection to the club on that same 10-foot putt. By balancing out those hands in your stroke your success on the green will greatly improve.