Game Changers

The Golfography Experience is Fusing The Game, Lifestyle and Visual Art of Golf to Help Grow the Game

By Kyle Kelley, PGA of America
Published on

Trey Profili / Instagram: @shotfromthedunes

When I joined the PGA of America’s digital team in March, we had just launched our #EscapeToGolf campaign. 
I was no stranger to the game of golf, having played since my father bought me my first set of clubs when I was eight years old. I also was no stranger to photography, having honed my craft over the last several years working in the sports industry. 
I was however unfamiliar with the world of golf photography and all the amazing photographers who were capturing the picturesque views from coast to coast. 
Leading the #EscapeToGolf campaign has given me a fast education and helped me build relationships with talented photographers like Jon Cavalier (@LinksGems), Ben Peters (@thegolfhawk), and Channing Benjamin (@channingbenjaminphotography). Just to name a few.
I recently had the opportunity to attend the ‘Golfography Experience’ at Ballyhack Golf Club in Roanoke, Virginia, hosted by Benjamin and golf influencer Patrick Koenig. Benjamin created the concept and hosts the 3-day events to provide immersive workshops that fuse the game, the lifestyle and the visual art of golf.
The golf— unreal. The views— mesmerizing. But it’s the relationships I took away from the event that will stick with me the most.
Whether it was a fireside chat with Stephen Malbon of Malbon Golf, a conversation over dinner with Luke Davis of Lie and Loft or picking the brain of golf influencer Alejandra "Mami" on how she has built her brand, there was one commonality — the future of the game is in great hands.
And while those individuals are some of the industry leaders in helping grow the game in new and innovative ways, my fellow ‘golfographers’ validated the sentiment.
The game is growing and evolving. New players are joining every single day and programs like the Golfography Experience are opening the doors to those players.