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The Half-Moon Drill Will Help You Lag Your Way to a Match Play Victory

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You're one up on the 17th green and just hit your approach shot to 30 feet. Lagging it up close will almost guarantee a victory.
A key to Mastering Match Play is being strategic on the greens, and two components that are important to lag putting are speed and read. Taking a higher line with a softer touch will assure you leave yourself with a makable second putt.
The 'Half-Moon' drill is a great way to practice your lag putting during your next practice session.
The Half-Moon Drill
  • Setup a two-foot perimeter around the hole with four tees.
  • The goal is to hit your lag putt inside the perimeter; Work on your speed & read to give yourself an easy tap in.
  • Challenge yourself to hit three consecutive putts inside two feet. After three successful attempts, increase the distance and repeat the drill.
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Former Division I collegiate golfer for Boston University. Born and raised in Pinehurst, North Carolina. Currently a Golf Professional at the Country club at DC Ranch after my time being a seasonal professional at Whistling Straits and Coral Creek Club. Strong believer in growing the game for all, but extremely passionate in increasing a female presence on the golf course as well as developing a fun atmosphere for junior golf.

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