Game Changers

The New Golf Clinic That Wipes Away Intimidation for Women Looking to Play

By Vinnie Manginelli, PGA
Published on

PGA Professional Naomi Nesenoff is breaking down barriers and getting new golfers into the game by sharing her expertise with women at golf clubs throughout the New England PGA Section. Her special “No Embarrassment Clinics” are just one aspect of the new business venture she recently kicked off this spring. 
“I’ve found very simplistic ways of making complex things in golf very simple,” says Nesenoff, “so the beginning golfer can experience success early on.”
At, Nesenoff offers a unique variety of programs that she brings to players, hosting them at their home courses so they feel comfortable with the content and confident to head out to play with their new friends. 
Prior to meeting for the first time, Nesenoff surveys her participants to gather their feedback and ensure she’s addressing their primary concerns as new golfers. Sometimes it’s about the technical aspects of the golf swing and other times it’s about topics that are even more basic: Where do I go when arriving at the golf course? Where do I check in? Where do I warm up? Am I even good enough to be here? 
Nesenoff answers these questions and puts her students' minds at ease right off the bat, so they can focus on the task at hand — being comfortable learning the game of golf.
“I’ve learned so much in such a short amount of time,” says one of Nesenoff’s players, Olivia. “We can ask questions without feeling stupid or judged. It really has become a new hobby for me. The experience was amazing!”
No Embarrassment Clinics are five weekly 90-minute sessions that are fun and non-intimidating. Students learn the fundamentals of putting, chipping, pitching, full swing and course management . . . but only after Naomi covers their most pressing concerns from the pre-clinic surveys.
It’s fantastic,” says another player, Cory. “I loved the format, our group, the small class size, and the simple instruction. There was no pressure and I wasn’t overwhelmed with too many tips.”
Nesenoff helps her students understand that not every shot will be a good one, but knowing they belong in the game is the most important message. 

“I want them to have a eureka moment in each and every session.”

Naomi Nesenoff, PGA
“Most of the ladies in these clinics have been to the range or played a few rounds, so they have that frustration already,” Nesenoff says.Our No Embarrassment Clinics help rebuild their swing, as well as their confidence so they can progress and enjoy the process.”
The clinics go from putting to chipping to pitching in an effort to incrementally expand the golf swing, definitely a better approach to going all-in on the full swing from the start. With no single correct way to swing a golf club, Naomi helps each student find their own unique swing, a method she’s worked on over time.
“I had a lot of fun in the sessions and came away learning something each week,” says clinic participant, Nancy. “It also got me to practice before or after.”
With the fundamentals of golf always an integral part of the game, No Embarrassment Clinics can even help the intermediate golfer, who may have experienced some success while playing, but on an inconsistent basis. Nesenoff instills basic concepts and philosophies that golfers of all levels can benefit from. 
Nesenoff is bringing golfers together through her clinics but she’s also creating a network of women who lean on each other, depend on each other, and enjoy learning and playing the game of golf together. 
“The camaraderie is a vital aspect of our No Embarrassment Clinics,” Nesenoff says. “This is something my students are looking for.”