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Three Things to Know About Betting on the Ryder Cup & Solheim Cup

By Keith Stewart, PGA
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The first tee of the Ryder Cup in 2021.

Did you know that the Ryder Cup is the second most popular golf betting event of the year? The pure emotion of the matches can be captured through a couple of fun weekend wagers.
Considering the biannual event always takes place in the fall, that is a huge achievement against football. Also consider that golf betting is in its infancy and it has been two years since the 2021 matches in Wisconsin, many readers probably haven’t placed a Ryder Cup bet before.
As luck would have it, the Solheim Cup takes place the week before the Ryder Cup commences in Rome and, even better, the ladies will play their biannual contest as U.S. and European teams in Spain at Finca Cortesin (below) in Andalucía, Spain. Everything from the types of bets, timing, and cadence will give us a great preview of what to expect when the men take the tee in Rome on Friday, September 28.
 (Stuart Franklin/Getty Images)
(Stuart Franklin/Getty Images)
Before sports betting, always establish a budget. Write down how much money you can bet prior to getting started. It is easy to lose sight of the dollars adding up. This is entertainment and should be priced to fit your lifestyle.
Prior to the matches, there are a limited number of bets you can enter. The reason for this, we do not know the match pairings until the day before or sometimes the day of the actual match. Let’s get started with the easiest bet to make; who will win? You can bet the match result and pick the USA, Europe, or a tie. Next to each side you will see a positive or negative value. That number is called the moneyline.
A +200 moneyline bet will pay the winner 2-1 on their original wager ($10 pays $20). A -200 bet will pay the winner 1-2 on their original wager ($10 pays $5). The smaller (larger negative) the value, the likelihood of that bet happening is greater. Conversely, the larger the positive value, the less of a chance you will see the result.
The remaining pre-match bets are called proposition bets or commonly referenced as “prop bets.” Leading up to the Solheim and Ryder Cup matches, examples will be who will earn the most points on the team, who will play the most matches, will Rory McIlroy or Rose Zhang play more or less than 4.5 matches? To place a bet, you are determining an outcome. Predict it correctly and you win, miss, and try again.
Rory McIlroy at the 2021 Ryder Cup.
Rory McIlroy at the 2021 Ryder Cup.
Once the opening ceremonies list the Friday morning matchups, the real fun begins.
In-play (“live”) betting starts and now we are all reacting to the head-to-head (H2H) pairings. Player matchups come to life and now we can predict each match. Prop bets still exist in-play as you can also bet on who will have the most wins/points per day by team and by player!
The options are literally limitless when it comes to wagering the weekend. Many fans will even bet the result of every hole. Will the US or Europe win the first hole of the first Solheim Cup match on Saturday afternoon? Pick a side, make a bet, and then sit back and enjoy the emotional roller coaster. Sunday singles are the epitome of live action. Twelve H2H matches in play all at once, consider the connection to the players.
Jennifer Kupcho during the 2021 Solheim Cup. (Brian Spurlock/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)
Jennifer Kupcho during the 2021 Solheim Cup. (Brian Spurlock/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)
Modern mobile sports betting is digitally monitored, and all data is verified by a third party. You bet as little as a dollar on any one wager. The stigma surrounding sportsbooks is no longer the popular stereotype. Go to your smartphone and look at all the incredible betting options. Increase your sports acumen and begin to bet on golf’s most popular global events.

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