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Tony Finau Followed Through in Detroit

By Keith Stewart, PGA
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Tony Finau has amazed us all with his ball striking over the last two weeks. He has played 144 holes and hit 88% of his greens in regulation (126/144). From tee to green, he has gained more than 30 shots on the field over the past 2 weeks. We've all known Finau to be a superb talent, but this level of consistency, as of late, is truly eye-opening.
Tony has doubled his career win total by winning in back-to-back weeks on the PGA Tour and he’s separated himself from the competition with ball striking. Most amateurs take one look at this athlete and just marvel at his effortless power.
An example of that power is in the video below. Watch Tony’s black cap against the white tent in the background.

Every golfer can gain a little something from that swing you just watched. If we recorded your swing, how much might your cap/head move? The point is not to remain frozen, but rather to be more consistent in our movement. Look closely, Finau’s cap is almost in the same place at address and then again at impact. Pause the video and compare the two positions.
If we expect to hit the ball better more often, it would make sense for us to try and copy this move. He's not holding his head in place, rather his body is rotating rather than moving up and down.

Rotation plays such an important role in our golf swing. Our body won’t move in two different directions at the same time. If we keep it turning, then we are not going to move up and down. That’s a very important key to capturing Finau-like consistency.

Finau is 43 under par in his last 8 competitive rounds (67, 68, 65, 67, 64, 66, 65, 67). From the modern design of the TPC Twin Cities to the classic layout of the Detroit Golf Club, this is verifiable proof that great contact works on any type of course. Focusing on rotating through the ball is a new feeling for some. Many of you may be wondering what that looks like visually.

There are 3 positions you should try to mimic in your golf swing to copy Tony’s turn. 
  • First, get your back to the target in the backswing. It doesn’t matter how far you can turn, just that you make a good, solid move.
  • The second position should be during the follow through. Watch how Finau’s trail shoulder (right shoulder) gets closer to the target than his lead shoulder during the follow through? 
  • The final spot is getting the golf club around your head. Look how smoothly he swings
    through the shot and into a full finish with the club casually draped over his shoulder at the end.
It may surprise some of you how Tony has suddenly taken the PGA Tour by storm. As mentioned, Tony has always had the talent. With 3 wins in less than 12 months, it seems that Finau’s finally following through.